The Here and Now

The Here and Now

With books out there such as “Be Here Now” by Ram Das and “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle, many of us have some grasp, exposure or idea of the importance of the “now”.


But what does “being here now” really mean?


Our life is happening moment to moment.  This is it!


If we don’t learn to pay attention to what is unfolding as it unfolds we literally miss our life by being preoccupied with the past or worrying about the future.


By focusing on the now experience in therapy, energy that was bound in past or future wanderings is now available so we can discover what can come to awareness in the present.


With greater awareness and greater ability to stay with oneself and the flow of one’s moment to moment existence, new choices and new freedom emerges.


To learn more about focusing on the here and now through therapy, I invite you to contact me to get started.  I can be reached by phone 416.465.0739, completing the contact form or via email.


Laura Posner Perls

Real creativeness, in my experience, is inextricably linked with the awareness of mortality. The sharper this awareness, the greater the urge to bring forth something new, to participate in the infinitely continuing creativeness in nature. This is what makes out of sex, love; out of the herd, society; out of wheat and fruit, bread and wine; and out of sound, music. This is what makes life livable and incidentally makes therapy possible.