Psychotherapy Toronto

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I have been a psychotherapist in private practice for over fifteen years in Toronto.  I have an eclectic approach to psychotherapy informed by my studies in spiritual psychotherapy, Gestalt therapy and hypnotherapy.  My interests also include yoga, meditation and shamanism.


Experience and training have taught me that primarily it is the relationship between the therapist and client that heals.  Rather than a specific set of techniques, it is the moment to moment interaction that paves the way for change.


My years of personal work, professional training and working with clients allows me to be attentive, caring and present with my clients.


I am gentle, but at times I will challenge you.  I have found that being only gentle is not the road to healing and being only challenging will not help you either.  It is the marriage of gentle and challenge that is most effective for change.


By merely being supportive of you, there is the risk that what stops you in your tracks will actually continue!  However, if I only challenge you on the ways you stop yourself, you might quickly feel that the work is too intense and overwhelming.


Some people need more support and some people need more challenge.  I stay tuned to this fine balance so you can proceed with our work together in the best way possible.


I listen attentively and have a good sense of humour.  I enjoy being creative wherever possible and will create experiments for you to gain greater awareness and possibility for change.


I love my work and can’t think of anything I would rather do.  My journey is about awareness and the potential we all have to be healthy, empowered and fulfilled human beings.