Find Balance

Open garden gate with rosesFind Balance Through Psychotherapy

We are living in a complex world and our relationships with others and ourselves often reveal that we are out of balance.


Signs of imbalance can be anything from general malaise to extreme chronic anxiety.


I help my clients to find the balance in life that they seek.  I find that the Gestalt approach to healing is very effective as it brings the mind and the senses to the here and now where we can make new choices that create more balance.


While Gestalt is distinct from meditation, I have found that engaging in this therapeutic work begins to silence the mind without direct work on the mind.


With a quiet mind and greater awareness, real balance is possible.


To learn more about finding more balance in your life through therapy, I invite you to contact me to get started.  I can be reached by phone 416.465.0739, completing the contact form or via email.


C.G. Jung

Modern Man in Search of a Soul

“We cannot change anything unless we accept it.”