Emotional Eating

door8Emotional Eating

Do you find yourself opening and closing the refrigerator door every time you feel bored, lonely, sad, depressed or even happy and excited?

Are your evenings sometimes spent mindlessly sitting in front of the t.v. with a big bag of chips or a box of cookies?  Are you eating to soothe away uncomfortable feelings?

You are certainly not alone here!!  Many of us have a very complicated and draining relationship with food.  Studies show that about 40% of people will emotionally eat when stressed while 40% will under-eat and 20% of people won’t change their eating due to stress.   For emotional eaters, the tendency is to go to high carbohydrate or high fat foods to soothe the tension.  Yet, we want to feel good in our bodies with great vitality, flexibility and strength to do the activities we are interested in.  Sometimes all that junk food just steals the energy away.

I can help you to uncover the underlying needs, desires, frustrations, feelings and habits that keep this stuck in an automatic and self-sabotaging pattern.  For example, it can sometimes be hard to admit to ourselves that we are angry.  An internal voice might be saying “I’m fine”.  Part of the healing here is to learn how to acknowledge feelings of anger and then learn how to process the feeling.  By acknowledging feelings, you begin to develop self-compassion which studies show to be a key factor in curbing the tendency towards emotional eating.  Once some of this internal stuff is resolved, you might just find that over time you are making different choices that are more life affirming and bring you more joy!

Perhaps you have tried therapy before or various diets or other self-help methods and nothing has worked for you.  You might feel quite discouraged about the possibility for real change.  I am here to gently encourage you to dig out the roots of this issue and never give up on your dreams.

I have years of training as a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist.  By blending these two tools together, we can co-create an effective way to meet your goals.  I also have worked this issue not only within myself but with many many clients over the years and have seen that the road to real change is to get to the underlying issues.

To learn more about how I can assist you to change your emotional eating patterns through psychotherapy and/or hypnotherapy, I invite you to contact me to get started.  I can be reached by phone at 416.465.0739, completing the contact form or via email.