door3Find Contentment

Are you feeling discontentment in your life?


With all our technology there is a greater degree of loneliness, disconnect and isolation than ever before.


Many people struggle with feelings of disconnect from themselves, each other and even the earth.


If you see yourself in this description you are not alone and there is not something wrong with you for seeking to make a change!


Many of my clients are seeking greater contentment in their lives and seek out a therapist to find out what is keeping them in an unhappy or unfulfilled place.


Quite often, what holds us back is out of our awareness about ourselves.  It is my view that great inner contentment is already present within us.


Gestalt therapy provides a framework and a doorway to creating greater contentment in life.


We are the ones putting the breaks on in our lives without even knowing how we do it.  Greater awareness eventually leads to greater contentment.


To learn more about how you may gain greater contentment, I invite you to contact me to get started.  I can be reached by phone at 416.465.0739, completing the contact form or via email.


C.G. Jung

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.